Acquire a multitude of quick, effective, and easy to implement insights and strategies that you can use intentionally and purposefully to shift your mindset, improve your mental health, and elevate your cognition - on demand!

Take Your Brain to the Spa Today!

Learn strategies that you can use anywhere, anytime for yourself, family, friends, and clients!

You will:
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Shift from confusion to clarity
  • Invest into your wellbeing and mental health
  • Increase your self-awareness and inner calm
  • Connect with the power of the present moment
  • Make better choices that honour you and your path
  • Enhance self care and personal management
  • Cultivate emotional balance and presence
  • Create healthy new brain pathways
  • Develop your inner listening skills
  • Nurture a more positive attitude

Session Includes: 

- 3 hours of video recordings

- Manual, Workbook & Support Resources

- 3 Awareness Building Practises

- 5 Embodied Cognition Activities

- 6 “Brain Spa” Mini Meditations

- 9 Mindset & Mindshift Strategies

- Lots of fun variations!

     *This course is open to everyone! 

 **It is also a precursor to the “Brain Fitness Trainer Program”

     *canfitpro members receive CECs (FIS 2 &PTS 2)

Are you ready to re-frame your brain?

Make a change for YOU today for only $129+HST. 


Your Presenter

Jill Hewlett is a nationally recognized speaker, author, Brain Fitness Expert & wellness authority.

For a decade, Jill produced and hosted her own Wellness TV series which began as a grassroots project and expanded, eventually achieving a viewership of over one million people.

By participating in Jill's keynote and training sessions, you will be equipped with the information, motivation and tools, to proactively build your Fit Brain & Fit Life!