Creating the life you deserve starts with

taking care of your brain 


Let's work together to optimize your brain's

overall capacity and reduce your stress levels!

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A happy brain is the foundation

you need for a healthy life.

Taking care of our brain is often the last thing on our mind as we navigate the challenges of our busy lives. 

What if there was a way to optimize your brain's overall capacity and reduce stress in easy & fun ways to nurture and empower our selves? 

Believe it or not, you can use the body and mind you currently have to get the brain you deserve, starting today!

Combining user-friendly neuroscience and inspired common sense strategies, Jill draws out the natural leadership, resources, and resilience in individuals & organizations to help them achieve more productivity, wellness & success.

Reduce Stress & Increase Efficiency
  • Improve listening, communication, comprehension, mental clarity, memory, decision making, creativity and more. 
  • Achieve better performance/results in daily life, learning situations and workplaces. 
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Achieve Optimal Brain Health
  • Care for your brain preventatively
  • Optimize your cognitive potential
  • Reduce symptoms of premature aging
  • Invest into mental health & wellbeing
  • Add more tools to your self-care regimen
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Easy to Integrate Strategies
  • Easy to follow strategies backed by neuroscience
  • Connect with your innate neurological genius to achieve your goals
  • Fun and easy strategies to better your brain health that you can use daily!
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Hi I'm Jill, your 

Brain Fitness Expert & Wellness Authority!


My unique approach provides you with practical tools that can be implemented immediately and easily in real life situations at work, at home, or at play. 

Using simple, fun, and effective wellness and Brain Fitness techniques, I have assisted thousands of individuals in achieving their potential. 

My programs address how to support physical, mental, emotional, and functional health and wellbeing.

I am so excited to embark on this journey with you!

Ready to optimize your brain and reduce stress?

From shifting your mindset to boosting your brain's cognitive functions, each course is designed to help you easily achieve your desired results!

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A fun, empowering and interactive session on the Brain Fitness Cards! Strategically ‘Train Your Brain’ & get the most out of it by applying cutting-edge brain activation strategies easily and quickly in all areas of your life.

Session includes:

  • 3 hours of video recordings
  • Printable & digital set of Brain Fitness Cards deck
  • Manual and additional support resources
  • 46 Brain Fitness strategies you can use immediately, in all areas of life 
  • Brain GymÂŽ activities included
  • Dozens of fun variations for the activities
  • Lifelong access to all the recordings
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MINDSET & Mental Health

Acquire a multitude of quick, effective, and easy to implement insights and strategies that you can use intentionally and purposefully to shift your mindset, improve your mental health, and elevate your cognition - on demand!

Session Includes: 

  • 3 hours of video recordings
  • Manual, Workbook & Support Resources
  • 3 Awareness Building Practises
  • 5 Embodied Cognition Activities
  • 6 “Brain Spa” Mini Meditations
  • 9 Mindset & Mindshift Strategies
  • Lots of fun variations! 
  • Lifelong access to all the recordings 


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LEARNING & Skill Development

Optimize your brain with this educational & interactive session filled with Brain Fitness strategies that you can use to literally REWIRE your brain for easier learning, higher skill development and greater efficiency.

Session includes:

  • 3 hours of video recordings
  • Personal inventory intake sheet you can use for yourself, family, friends, and clients
  • Manual, Workbook, and additional resources
  • Empowering R.E.W.I.R.E acronym to support your brain and your life
  • Brain Fitness and Brain GymÂŽ strategies you can use immediately!
  • Lifelong access to all the recordings 
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RESILIENCY & Optimizing Change

Reclaim your brain and cognitive powers by clearing stress and strengthening new and current neural pathways with ‘must have’ self-management strategies! This will lead to positive changes, greater resilience, and timely personal & professional growth. 

Session includes: 

  • 3 Hours of Video Recordings
  • Manual, Workbook and Additional Resources
  • Neuroscience of Resiliency & Optimizing Change
  • 5 Calming & Centering Activities
  • 2 Energy & Attitude Lifting Strategies
  • 3 Grounding Poses for Stability & Confidence
  • 2 Stillness Practises for Brain Health & Clarity
  • 3 Mini Meditations for Inner Peace & Relaxation
  • 5 Brain & Life Essential Needs Insights
  • Many fun variations! 
  • Lifelong access to all the recordings 


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HAPPINESS & Emotional Balance

Access well-springs of joy and vitality by learning the neuroscience of happiness & acquiring strategies that will reset and improve your emotional balance. Discover more energy, better health, stronger relationships, self-satisfaction, and greater success!

 Session includes:

  • 3.5 hours of video recordings
  • Manual, Workbook and Support Resources
  • Acquire the “G.I.F.T.S” process to shift from emotional discomfort to brain-heart balance
  • Learn the D.O.S.E approach to elevating Happy Neurochemicals
  • Leverage the power of 'Mirror Neurons' to elevate yourself and others
  • Experience quick and effective Brain-Body strategies to shift your mood and attitude
  • Bolster your self-confidence and courage with tools you can use anywhere, anytime
  •  Learn 'Heart Smart' Strategies to tap into your innate wisdom
  • Lifelong access to all the recordings 
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A BRAIN CHANGER is a Gamer Changer! 

During this course you will learn powerful & effective leadership strategies that will support yourself and others in getting better results and achieving goals.

 Session includes:

  • 3.5 hours of video recordings
  • Manual, Workbook and Support Resources
  • Actionable strategies to implement new learning 
  • Increase personal awareness and self-management skills
  • Understand the power of mirror neurons to engage others
  • Use positive brain chemicals to motivate productive actions
  • Appreciate various learning styles and how to best support them (left vs right brain)
  • Feel energized and excited about achieving goals and new milestones
  • Gain lots of activities to support mental flexibility, clarity and focus
  • Lifelong access to all the recordings
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ACTIVE AGING & Cognitive Longevity

How can we ensure that we not only preserve our cognitive functions, but also improve and strengthen them, as we age?  With the rise in brain health issues, and cognitive decline, many people are looking for pro-active ways to ensure a healthy and active aging lifestyle.

 Session includes:

  • 3.5hr of video recordings
  • Manual, Workbook and Support Resources
  • Actionable strategies to implement personally and professionally
  • Understand limiting beliefs and overcome age related stereo-types
  • Harness the power of epigenetics to counter-act the aging process
  • Connect with the philosophies and practises of Centenarians
  • Optimize neuroplasticity to become a SUPER BRAIN AGER!
  • Grow your awareness to notice early signs of decline
  • Acquire tools to manage stress and improve inner calm 
  • Learn simple and fun games that are great for seniors
  • Improve memory, recall and executive functioning skills
  • Increase ability to self-manage and self-direct more confidently
  • Use Neurobics & Sensorcizes for physical, mental and emotional health
  • Leverage the power of mirror neurons, mentoring and community 
  • Lifelong access to all the recordings 
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CREATIVITY & Innovation

 In this course, you will learn how to access more of your whole-brain resources to think-out-of-the-box, problem solve more effectively, and build your creativity and critical thinking skills to manage your personal and professional life more effectively, successfully, and joyfully!

Session includes:

  • 3.5hr of video recordings
  • Manual, Workbook and Support Resources
  • Learn the benefits of cultivating greater Creativity & Critical Thinking
  • Gain simple and fun strategies to tap into well-springs of Creative Juices - whether you think you are creative or not
  • Engage in quick ‘Brain-Activations’ to improve your brain agility and mental clarity
  • Tap into critical thinking skills to design a healthier and more aligned life and career, that supports your wellbeing and success
  • Access effective new ways to approach decision making and problem solving
  • Discover your ‘Personal Learning Profile’, and how to support it, so that it enhances your work, relationships and daily life
  • Use your ‘Default Mode Network’ as an ally in improving your performance and acting in your best interest
  • Learn the compelling neuroscience of Embodied Cognition, Situated Cognition and Distributed Cognition
  • Understand how Brain Waves work and what you can do to leverage them for cognitive health and wellbeing.
  • Lifelong access to all the recordings
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BRAIN-BODY Health & Fuel

Join us for this educational and empowering Brain Fitness course which will teach you health principles and strategies to support the natural wisdom of your brain and body, and ensure that you give your 100 trillion cells, 86 billion neurons, and nervous system what they need to be healthy and happy, currently, and long-term!

Session includes:

  • 3.5hr of live teachings
  • Manual, Workbook and Support Resources
  • Learn about your incredible physiology and neurology

  • Connect with your DNA and the ‘real brain’ of your cells

  • Understand the foundation of true health; your microbiome

  • Learn about the ‘Triangle of Disease’ and the underlying cause of all illnesses

  • Acquire effective strategies to easily and effectively care for your 100 trillion cells, 86 billion neurons and body-mind systems

  • Leverage preventative care, natural approaches and common-sense strategies that will make an immediate and long-term difference in your health and wellbeing

  • Begin to reverse health issues and premature aging and immediately start to cultivate more energy, greater vitality, resilience, wellness, and overall health

  • Learn the 5 main components of healing, health and wholeness

  • Lifelong access to all the recordings
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* All sessions incorporate cutting edge and user-friendly neuroscience insights, with practical daily life applications to support your personal and professional, needs and goals!

See what others are saying about my courses!

Tamar Cohen

“Jill's ‘R.E.W.I.R.E. your Brain’ course was an amazing and empowering introduction to her Brain Fitness program! I am inspired to learn more, and I am extremely interested in future program offerings. I loved the way the information was segmented which made it easy, relatable, and doable. Jill is very inclusive and welcoming in her facilitation style and encouraged lots of class participation. We learned so many simple strategies that we can do to ‘turn on’ and care for our brains.

When she taught us brain activation exercises, she gave us variations, so if one approach does not work for us, we have options that will still achieve the same benefits. Because the course was experiential, we could personally notice how minor actions can have a dramatic, immediate, and powerful effect on our brains and cognition. I highly recommend taking one of Jill's courses to anyone.”

Kristy Franklin

"I took this course because Brain Fitness and Brain Spa caught my eye. I have noticed not only my own brain not performing to its potential, but I also notice it with my clients. Stress levels are up and for new reasons than prior to covid, so it’s all being compounded.

What I got from the course is that the use of imagery and visualization aids in applying techniques that foster relaxation, being present and calm. Also, that our mind has a lot of power, so it’s vital to guide people on how to maintain it in a healthy and balanced way which will also improve their quality of life. 

Life can be hectic and it is easy to become overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. These tools help take back control of one's mental health and stay on track!

I feel anyone could benefit from this course recommend it."

Wendy Chappell

"Jill, I thought the Brain Fitness cards course was great!  It was succinct and practical. Plus, I have an interest in and passion for neurocognitive health, so your program checked many of the boxes.

As a personal trainer/group fitness instructor, I see about 130 students for a repeated number of times weekly.

All except a handful are seniors and I am always incorporating movement patterns and information for neurocognitive functioning, such as cross-body patterning, multisensory systems, somatic cueing, maximizing flow state access, etc.  Because of this correlation, I have begun to use the Brain Fitness Cards activities which work well to support these purposes. 

I am also encouraging my partner, who teaches at the local University, to use Jill's informative strategies."


Be part of a powerful community who is ready to embrace a growth mindset and take their lives to the next level. Bring yourself, your goals and your readiness to learn, be inspired and acquire strategies to make tangible progress.  We're excited for you to hop onto this brain-expanding experience! 


Activating your brain is essential to your overall health, and requires ongoing maintenance.  


Continue your brain training with these exclusive products I've designed to better your brain health! From my Brain Fitness Card pack to informative books, there is something for every learning style!


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