Hello, I'm Jill Hewlett, your Brain Fitness Expert & Wellness Authority!

It is my absolute joy to draw out the resources, resilience and leadership skills of individuals and organizations to support them in achieving greater levels of productivity, wellness, and success.

Whether I’m delivering experiential keynotes or training programs at conferences, special events, corporate trainings, or to community groups online or in-person, we apply user-friendly neuroscience and inspired common sense strategies to get real-life results.

Having worked with a diverse range of clients, at various ages and stages of life, it has become absolutely clear: we are all capable of making positive changes and becoming better, healthier, and more successful versions of ourselves.

A little bit more about Jill!

Jill's work is based on a joy and passion for assisting others in developing their self-awareness, reducing stress, and connecting with their potential by making healthy and empowered choices and changes to create a Fit Brain and a Fit Life!

Growing up as a highly sensitive individual who experienced weight challenges, health issues, and anxiety, Jill gradually learned to not only overcome but be empowered by these issues. As a young adult, she made the commitment to live a life that embraces learning, growth, balance and becoming the best she can be.

Completing her university degree, Jill delved fully into personal growth, and training programs in the health and wellness field, and became a licensed Brain Gym® consultant of two decades.

As she applied the learning to her own life journey, this led to her discovering her authentic passion for sharing these resources with others and developing her own Brain Fitness programs which are delivered internationally through speaking engagements, training programs, writing, and working with groups and individual clients in the corporate, education, health, fitness and community sectors.

Jill teaches with empathy and understanding; knowing that the areas where we carry our fear, hurts, disappointment, and struggles, are the same place where we can discover healing, empowerment, and our ability to bring clarity, purpose, and leadership to the world.

You may have seen Jill as a featured guest expert on various TV and radio stations giving real life examples and real-life solutions to the mental health and wellness issues that are on the rise today.

Jill is the author of two books, “Common Sense…Uncommonly Practised” and “Uncommon Sense…Put into Practise”; highly inspiring and readable reflections on how others might identify and apply everyday wisdom and nurturance to their life path.

For a decade, Jill produced and hosted her own Wellness TV series which began as a grassroots project and moved to Rogers TV, achieving a viewership of one million people.

Filling a call for wellness education in her community, seventeen years ago Jill founded the Women’s Wellness Circles. This initiative has blossomed into multiple locations that she trains and mentors nationwide.

Impactful and refreshingly unique, Jill's approach provides her participants with simple, fun, and effective wellness and Brain Fitness strategies, and practical tools that can be implemented immediately and easily in real life situations at work, at home, or at play, so everyone can achieve higher levels of their physical, mental, emotional, and functional potential.

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