Access well-springs of joy and vitality by learning the neuroscience of happiness! Acquire strategies that will reset and improve your emotional balance, anywhere, anytime! These positive shifts will lead to higher energy, better health, stronger relationships, personal satisfaction, and greater life success!


Learn strategies that you can use anywhere, anytime for yourself, family, friends, and clients!


You will: 
  • Detect and interrupt un-happy stress-loops
  • Bolster your emotional awareness and self-esteem
  • Learn how to improve your mood and attitude on demand
  • Gain strategies for your self care and self-management routine
  • Build greater self-confidence and courage to act on your goals
  • Acquire strategies to shift from stress to balance on-demand
  • Embrace healthy habit changes by leveraging neuroplasticity
  • Learn techniques to feel lighter, more youthful and refreshed
  • Reverse early signs of aging and strengthen your immunity
  • Enjoy implementing self-care that fits your life and schedule
  • Develop your emotional intelligence and heart wisdom

Session includes: 

  • - 3 hours of video recordings
  • - Manual, Workbook and Support Resources
  • - Acquire the “G.I.F.T.S” process to shift from emotional discomfort to brain-heart balance
  • - Learn the D.O.S.E approach to elevating Happy Neurochemicals
  • - Leverage the power of 'Mirror Neurons' to elevate yourself and others
  • - Experience quick and effective Brain-Body strategies to shift your mood and attitude
  • - Bolster your self-confidence and courage with tools you can use anywhere, anytime
  •  - Learn 'Heart Smart' Strategies to tap into your innate wisdom
  •  *This course is open to everyone!  It is also a precursor to the “Brain Fitness Trainer Program”
  • *canfitpro members receive CECs (FIS 2 &PTS 2) 

Are you ready for Happiness and Emotional Balance?

Just $129+HST 


Your Presenter

Jill Hewlett is a nationally recognized speaker, author, Brain Fitness Expert & wellness authority.

For a decade, Jill produced and hosted her own Wellness TV series which began as a grassroots project and expanded, eventually achieving a viewership of over one million people.

By participating in Jill's keynote and training sessions, you will be equipped with the information, motivation and tools, to proactively build your Fit Brain & Fit Life!