As leaders, you are constantly sculpting the brains, motivation and results of the people you are leading. During this fun, interactive and educational course you will learn powerful and effective strategies that will support individuals and groups, in acquiring the results they want and need in all areas of life.  Best of all - they will have YOU to thank! 


Learn strategies that you can use anywhere, anytime for yourself, family, friends, and clients!


You will: 
  • Learn how to notice positive changes and stuck areas
  • Increase personal awareness and self-management skills
  • Become aware of limiting belief systems and how to shift them
  • Understand the power of mirror neurons in engaging others
  • Use happy brain chemicals to motivate healthy and productive actions
  • Appreciate various learning styles and how to best support them
  • Strengthen left and right brain connectivity for optimal results
  • Embrace change and leverage neuroplasticity to your advantage
  • Understand the value and necessity of implementing self-care
  • Feel energized and excited about achieving goals and new milestones
  • Gain lots of activities to support mental flexibility, clarity and focus

Session includes: 

  • - 3.5hr online training session 
  • - Manual, Workbook and Support Resources
  • - Actionable strategies to implement personally and professionally
  •  *This course is open to everyone! 
  • *It is also a precursor to the “Brain Fitness Trainer Program”
  • *canfitpro members receive CECs (FIS 2 &PTS 2) 

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Your Presenter

Jill Hewlett is a nationally recognized speaker, author, Brain Fitness Expert & wellness authority.

For a decade, Jill produced and hosted her own Wellness TV series which began as a grassroots project and expanded, eventually achieving a viewership of over one million people.

By participating in Jill's keynote and training sessions, you will be equipped with the information, motivation and tools, to proactively build your Fit Brain & Fit Life!